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Gloria Masse - Night Howl For A Tree Stump - Acrylic on Canvas

Night Howl For A Tree Stump  0.5MB   0.1MB  ( Acrylic on Canvas )
Large Painting  63x49"
Private collection - FOR SALE by owner

Gloria Masse Lynx Greeting Card Watercolor

Owl and Pussycat  ( Watercolor )
Greeting card  4x6"

Gloria Masse Six Wolves Greeting Card Watercolor

Six Wolves  ( Watercolor on Paper)
30x22"  1991
Private collection

Gloria Masse Lupin Greeting Card Oil on Canvas

Lupin  ( Watercolor )
Greeting card  4x6"

Gloria Masse Male Calling Watercolor on Paper 22

Male Calling  ( Watercolor on Paper)
22" Diameter
FOR SALE  $850 framed

Gloria Masse Wolf Acrylic on Pine Cutout

Wolf  ( Acrylic on Pine )
 33.75x16.75"   1995
FOR SALE  $2400

Gloria Masse Cheekpadder Watercolor on Paper

Cheekpadder  ( Watercolor on Paper)
22"   1991
Private Collection

Gloria Masse Dawn at Sea Oil on Canvas

Dawn at Sea  ( Oil on Canvas )
30x48"   1991
FOR SALE  $1800

Gloria Masse Orangutan

Male Orangutan  ( 
Watercolor on Paper )
22"   1991
Private Collection

Gloria Masse Stone Angel

Stone Angel  ( Acrylic on Canvas )
48x60" 1991
FOR SALE  $2500

Gloria Masse Orangutan 2

Orangutan 2  Watercolor on Paper )
22"   1991
Private Collection

Gloria Masse Cat on Stump Watercolor Acrylic on Canvas

Cat on Stump  ( Acrylic on Canvas )
48x60" 1991
FOR SALE  $2400

Gloria Masse Winter Lynx Greeting Card Watercolor

Lynx  ( Watercolor )
Greeting card  4x6"

Gloria Masse Gambier Island Map Greeting Card Watercolor

Gambier Island Map  ( Watercolor )
Greeting card  4x6" (8x6" when open)
Full Size Posters of this map are also available.


Recent works
of the artist Gloria Massé are available for studio viewing at:
Artjunction @ Function
Whistler British Columbia Art Gallery and Framing Studio...

Very recent
Gloria Massé artwork may be viewed in person at:
Gambier Island Art Gallery
Gambier General Store
New Brighton, Gambier Island
 ( Water Taxi )

Private Collections
and other Previous paintings for sale:

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Gloria Massé may be contacted at:

  Painting orangutans in the rain forest of British Columbia seems natural and right to me. Just as a grey wolf can be felt standing at the studio door when wolves are being painted, so red ape figures can be felt sitting in the trees above. Often, when a night wind roars over my cabin, I think of artist Emily Carr in the 1930 s, hearing a similar wind on the other side of her canvas caravan roof. She was attracted to the mystery of the forest, regarding the wild as a place to meet her god... "Only out in the open was there room for Him. He was like a great breathing among the trees." ~ Emily Carr. It was primatologist, Biruté Galdikas, that inspired me to paint orangutans. Professor Galdikas sees these great apes as our kin, who have never left the Garden of Eden, and through life with them recognizes "That there is no separation between ourselves and nature". Inspired by these two great women and the mysteries we share, and taking the forest as the first cathedral, I have painted "Orangutans and Forest Window". ~ Gloria Massé ~

Gloria Massé was born in Windsor, Ontario in 1942. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of British Columbia. Gloria currently lives and works on Gambier Island off the coast of British Columbia. Most of Gloria's pieces featured here are for sale, as well she can be commissioned for her talents. We are pleased to have the opportunity to present Gloria's work here at the 4TH Line's Affairs of the Art.

Commotion by the ocean on Gambier Island July 26 next to the Gambier Island Art Gallery

A large painting on its way to the Whistler mountain gallery via the Gambier Water Taxi barge.  Gambier Island Water Taxi

PUBLICATIONS: Bentley-Mays, John. Three Vancouver Artists, The Globe and Mail, 1984. Perry, Art. Works by Massé, Focus on Grass, The Province, June 2, 1984. Rosenberg, Ann. Review of Artropolis 90, The Vancouver Sun, 1990. Rosenberg, Ann. Lured into Wolf Lore by Harmonious Painting, The Vancouver Sun, June 13, 1991. Lindberg, Ted. Alexandra Kikeakos/Gloria Massé

Gambier water taxi is available for trips anywhere in Howe Sound near Vancouver BC. Keats Islan Gambier Island Bowen Island Horseshoe Bay Langdale Gibsons Britania Beach Woodfibre Port Mellon Camp Potlatch Camp Firum Camp Latona Scouts Lions Bay Furrie Creek Water Taxi Trips

Commotion by the ocean on Gambier Island July 26 take the gambier water taxi to new brighton on gambier island for live music and fun -- please do not BYOB to protect the Gambier store liquor license.

- Paintings, Charles H. Scott Gallery, Emily Carr College of Art and Design, Oct. 5- 28 1984 Catalogue. Poser, Carol. Gloria Massé - Paintings and Drawings, Vanguard, October, 1982. COLLECTIONS: Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, B.C. Art Gallery of Greater Victoria, B.C. EXHIBITIONS: 1996 Orangutan - Forest Windows, John Ramsey Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1995 Wolf, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1993 Grasses, Fields of Praise, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1991 Seeking Wolves, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1990 Recent Painting, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1989 Wolves, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1988 Wild Mangoes and Fish, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1987 Grasses, Diane Farris Gallery, Vancouver, B.C. 1982 Gloria Massé - Paintings and Drawings, Surrey Art Centre, Surrey, B.C. ---------------- Gloria Massé lives in a humble abode deep in the rainforest of Gambier Island, west of Vancouver. She paints that which thrills her to be alive, the things that touch her deeply. Her brushes are drawn to the wild: fur and claws of bears and wolves, feathers and scales of birds and fishes, and the silk and raw linen of wild flowers and grasses. In some of her paintings she uses familiar vegetation as a path by which to approach the mystery of an animal. The sculptural quality of the animals interests her. She sees the light reflecting from the transparent hair on the massive back of a bear as being similar to Monet's haystack paintings. She is fascinated by texture: grass and hair, so similar, provide the opportunity for thousands of brush strokes, often in transparent layers. In this way, a bear or wolf in motion becomes grass running. Her love for colour is seen in the warmth of earth in raw sienna, burnt sienna, the ochres and umbers. Greens, reds, blues and purples are used for expressing emotion or simply for their raw or delicate beauty. "The cedar, fir and hemlock trees tower over my studio; the winds from the north and music help to keep me in touch with the muse, the earth and the animal within." Gambier Island Lake - A three hour hike through forest to Gambier Lake which is nestled between two mountains. The hike is not strenuous but has some long grinds and some areas that are rocky underfoot. The lake is small, beautiful and was still cold in June. Campsites are limited with two good ones by the lake and others in the forest. The best campsite is located at the end of the lake - it has a large area for tent and gear, a beach with walk in entry to the lake and a great view. The second best campsite is located just to the left after you cross the logs that make the bridge over the lake's outflow stream. (There are actually two sites there.) If these two are taken, there are sites in the forest that are quite nice and cool. Lake access is limited due to the wetlands around the lake, fish are plentiful, and the setting is beautiful. Getting to Gambier Island - Take the Langdale Ferry from Horseshoe Bay, then transfer to the small Gambier Island water taxi ferry for the trip to New Brighton. Walk from the dock on Gambier Island to the store and check out the map there. Head up the road and follow the signs from there. Check the ferry schedule for your return trip because there may be quite a time between ferries, you can use this time to have a great meal at the store or just hang out on the lawn with a cold brew. GAMBIER ISLAND is located approximately 17 miles from Vancouver, in Howe Sound. There are walking trails, swimming, fishing from the government docks for the children, blackberry picking in the summer, bird watching, and abundant wild life. The world's smallest art gallery is located across the road from you, right beside the Gambier General Store. The store can provide you with groceries, a bite to eat and a cold beer or glass of wine on a hot summer day. If you visit us in the late spring fresh raspberries are ready to be picked outside the kitchen door. On Saturday of the August long weekend the Gambier Island Community Centre holds its annual craft fair.